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Our Vision

Teach timeless values that help young people learn how to live moral, beneficial, and happy lives.

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Our Mission - PEACE

  1. Promote peaceful living with people and the environment;

  2. Educate people on the teachings of Confucianism and Buddhism;

  3. Apply these teachings that benefit humanity in everything one does;

  4. Cultivate sincerity, respect, humility and harmony;

  5. Enrich one's morals and ethics, be guided by causality, practice filial piety and be a good person.

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Our Goals

  • Empower you to meet the demands of an ever-changing international market.

  • Equip you for the e-Century, by synergizing with government, industry, and the community.

  • Establish you as a leader in your profession, and as a developer of successful entrepreneurial ventures.

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SMART Objectives

  • SKA the Skill, Knowledge and Attitude Training for Employability and Practical outcomes (STEP) is a flexible blended learning model that bridges industrial skills and knowledge gaps, tailored to specific needs.

  • Maximize Corporation’s KPI to sustain the organization for best practice outcomes and boost Queensland’s economy and sustain RBIT/RBIC’s accomplishments.

  • Alliances and collaboration with Government, Industries, Institutes, and Communities to achieve the goal of ‘Go-Global RBIT’.

  • Reinforce the Systematic Monitoring Ongoing Compliance (SMOC), and assessing integrated TQM systems (SMS-LMS-PMS-RMS-INS), a holistic governance system to monitor the delivering education outcomes, to support the education purpose and upholding innovation and quality in VET exports.

  • Training Graduate Currency and Competency to ensure they are Employable and Sustainable for the GHC Bank, and able to support global industry demands and sustain RBIT/RBIC’s success.

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