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How to become a User Choice Pre-Qualified Supplier

Pre-qualified suppliers (PQS) are registered training organisations (RTOs) who the Queensland Government approves to deliver publicly-funded training and assessment services to apprentices and trainees.


PQS status is granted for successful applicants for the duration of the period specified in the department's letter of authority, unless otherwise advised by the department.



To apply for PQS status, RTOs must obtain a Purchasing Online (POL) Account to access the department's POL system. Learn more about POL and how to create a POL account in order to become a PQS.


RTOs must also hold current registration or mutual recognition in Queensland, at the time of application, for the qualifications they would like to nominate for delivery.


Payment and Reporting

To receive payment from the department, the PQS must:
  • provide training and assessment services leading to the attainment of the qualification detailed on the apprentice or trainee’s Letter of Registration

  • provide administrative and support services and meet all other obligations required by any legislation, regulation or standard

  • adhere to the key performance indicators (KPIs), as detailed in Appendix 1 of this policy

adhere to the terms and conditions detailed in their VET Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement.


All payments to a PQS will be made via electronic funds transfer to a bank account nominated by the PQS.


It is the sole responsibility of the PQS to inform the department of any changes to their bank account details.


Supplier Eligibility

To be eligible to receive payment from the department for the delivery of User Choice training and assessment services, a PQS must:

  • hold PQS status with the department

  • ensure that employment arrangements for the apprentice or trainee are compliant with the Act

  • meet all PQS reporting requirements, as per sections 2.4.2, 2.4.3 and 2.4.4

  • be the SRTO appearing on the apprentice or trainee’s Training Contract at the time of making a claim for payment.


PQS Reporting

To make a claim for payment for any training and assessment delivery, a PQS must provide an electronic claim report to the department using the latest AVETMISS compliant system.


It is the sole responsibility of the PQS to ensure that their AVETMISS system complies with the relevant and latest AVETMISS release requirements.


A PQS will only receive payment for data received that is error free and meets the standard departmental validations for User Choice delivery and payment.


It is the sole responsibility of the PQS to rectify any data errors with the relevant departmental sectors prior to receiving payment.


AVETMISS reporting requirements

In relation to each apprentice or trainee, the supplier must submit electronic AVETMISS data that contains full and correct information against all relevant fields in AVETMISS as superseded, amended or replaced from time to time, including the following:

  1. the ‘pre-qualified supplier number’ shown on the letter advising an RTO of their successful application for PQS and the attached delivery schedule

  2. relevant ‘fund source code’ specified in this policy

  3. ‘delivery type identifier’ specified in AVETMISS for the relevant mode of delivery

  4. ‘outcome identifier' specified in AVETMISS and this policy

  5. ‘location postcode’ where the apprentice or trainee predominantly undertakes training and/or assessment (excluding online delivery), as specified in the User Choice Localities and Location Loadings document at www.training.qld.gov.au/training-organisations/funded-programs/user-choice/user-choice-documents. In the case of online delivery, the RTO must report the postcode of where the training is coordinated from.

  6. Training Contract DELTA registration number

  7. an apprentice or trainee’s eligibility as a priority population group

  8. ‘highest school level completed’ specified in AVETMISS

  9. ‘year highest school level completed’ specified in AVETMISS

  10. actual hours of training and assessment provided to a participant, where the participant has engaged in the learning activity and withdrawn from a unit of competency prior to completion

  11. other information specified by the department from time to time.


AVETMISS Reporting Timelines
  1. The PQS must submit electronic AVETMISS data on or before the last working day of each month.

  2. The PQS must ensure all electronic AVETMISS data that contains full and correct information against all relevant fields (as stated above in 2.4.3) relating to the provision of services provided and validate error free no later than ninety (90) days from the date of delivery of the training and assessment services.

  3. For the purposes of national reporting requirements, the supplier must comply with the notified timelines for the submission of electronic AVETMISS data, as identified by the department.


Data Validations

In order to verify that training and assessment services are delivered within policy and contractual guidelines, the department will validate data submitted from a PQS before payment is made.


Payment Level and Value

PQS payments will be made based on the following business rules:

  • Payments will be made monthly.

  • No payment will be made for training and assessment not reported within 90 days after the date the training and assessment is delivered.

  • All payments will be made at an individual unit of competency or point level.

  • All units of competency or points are of equal value, calculated by dividing the government contribution by the designated number of units of competency or points for the particular qualification.

  • The actual payment value of an individual unit of competency or point will be influenced by:

- the postcode and locality name of the location of delivery (as required for a location loading), and;

- the postcode and locality name of the apprentice or trainee’s residency (as required for a location loading and as reported by the     RTO).

  • Claimed units of competency or points over the maximum payable units of competency or points for a particular qualification will not be paid.

  • Claims for payment against a unit of competency which has previously been completed by the apprentice or trainee will not be paid.

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