Decades of Achievement

Year 2016 & 2017 & Onward

  • Prepare to apply the TEQSA registration 2018

  • Registration: the ASQA Renewal registration and scope expansion.

  • Prospective Growth: a new transformation with effective outcomes, aim to increase competitive capabilities, competencies, skills and resources to ensure that the company will have greater sustainability. This would also lead to a monopoly and the economies of scale would have a significant effect, this includes cost controls, increased differentiation in productivities, increased market power (bigger market share) and reduced competition.

  • Master of Entrepreneurship: Continue to equip graduates with personal attributes for greater competitive advantage, to continue to support the GHC needs, to achieve the mission employability, to tailor for special industrial needs, bridge gap training for corporations; increasing effectiveness and efficiency performance; upgrading skill and knowledge competency, support for industrial demands, stakeholder needs and sustain for RBIT/RBIC future success.

Year 2014 & 2015

  • Prepare registration: the ASQA Renewal registration and scope expansion.

  • Integrated Innovative pedagogy: Blended learning methodology via Action learning approach to underpin Work-based practice training. The integrated mode of delivery will be on-campus with an option for on-the-job assessment to assist students to learn skills and knowledge and apply this directly to the work environment. RBIT/RBIC will also export this new mode globally and will continue to build RBIT/RBIC-STCs around the world and network GHC to boost global economic growth.

  • New Courses: enhance Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma to Degree Courses, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma to Master Degree and Doctoral Degree

  • Transformation period Expansion and Development: aim for a joint venture with Harvard Dental School and Majella Group to combine Training Education and construction together, to build an Enterprise Incubation Hub, Training Facilities and Student Accommodations

  • Pre-qualified Supper Status and Deliver the Queensland VET Investment Plan C3 Guarantee and Higher Qualification

  • Award: 2015 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors' Forum

Year 2012 & 2013

  • Renewal-registration: CRICOS audit approved from 2013-2017 Since Australia’s VET reform and shifts in the teaching paradigm, RBIT/RBIC has combined the Future Development for RBIT/RBIC-STC go global objectives –

  • The RPL and flexible eLearning system to support industrial enquiries, the STEP learning with on-campus and on-the-job flexible learning, RPL and Gap training to support corporate and industrial demands; continued support for Queensland state and the high Australian dollar’s economic impact

  • Economic impact study: Building a strong symbiotic relationship with industry; to identify industry demands and create a holistic solution to bridge gap training needs. Government loan scheme to assist during the economic recession, to help domestic logistic VET training market

  • Building a GHC Bank able to support Industry: focus on employability training and personal attribute training for GHC, to support the international business needs and creative training to support the industry demands and Queensland VET export;

  • Registration amendment: ASQA advised the programs of VGC and VGD to change to GC and GD. RBIT/RBIC is famous for its tailored creative corporate training and specialises in integrated innovation projects. The CEO and Board of Directors continue to lead the team to innovate learning programs that meet industrial demands.

Year 2011

  • Re-registration: On 07 July 2011 granted approval for the extension to the scope of registration; Registered Training Packages included BSB07, CHC08, FNS04, FDF03, SIR07, THT02, SIT07, TAE10 andTL107

  • Articulation: Developing global articulation partnership with California State University, GU and CQU articulation update;

  • Association: RBIT/RBIC VIP Project collaborates with Brisbane City Council, Queensland Trade Department and Police Department with China, Korea and Russia Consulate together to train the 120 APCS Ambassadors from 17 different Countries to uphold APCS 2011 Success. Integrated Training and Management System – Implement JobReady Management complied with AVETMISS standard; to record administrative management system integrates with academic e~ learning and assessing management also comply with Regulatory;

  • Building the RPL and ePortfolio eLearning, the flexible learning system, to support the O2 Model online - on-campus quality flexible learning for industrial demand; with e~ assessment with effective assessment for future training needs, monitoring the quality learning progress; archive the learning reports and records in a effectiveness way; to support the Queensland flood recovering;