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Creative Training Pedagogy

RBIT Integrated Training Methodology 

- Blended Learning Mode -

Dr. Michelle Lee and RBIT Board of Directors has skilfully created an Integrated process of training methodology to meet the VET stakeholders needs; to equip the learner to be ready for real-world industrial demand.


The Blended Learning Mode aims for the identification of the relevant skills and knowledge required in real-world industrial practical application needs for industrial demands. This integrated training encourages and supports the learner’s completion outcome.


The Blended Learning Mode includes all teaching and learning activities, such as classes guided learning – face to face Lecture and Tutorials, the Online learning, Real-world authentic learning tasks or Self-paced study, individual study, research, learning activities in the workplace and assessment activities.


RBIT Blended Learning Mode also includes the Worked-based training and incorporated with Tourism and Hospitality industries to create the incubate centre projects around the world - “Success Career Training Hub”

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