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What is RPL / How it works / How to Apply

RPL - How to Apply

Learner seeking for efficient RPL progress

Lodge an RPL Application form & pay the application fees


  • RPL Application Form

  • RPL Application Fees

  • A Curriculum Vitae (loosely translated as “course of life”) provides an overview of a person's life, qualifications and working experience

Complete the RPL Application Process


  • Signed acknowledge acceptance of the Letter of Offer for RPL or Gap Training

  • Provide full documents and relevant skills experience evidence

  • Pay RPL Assessment Fees and Gap Training Fees

IF Needed commence complete Gap Training to complete the RPL process


  • Conversation with Assessor for RPL Gap Training

  • Provide the references, letters and relevant support documents

  • Third party evidence for skills and knowledge learned from work base

RBIT Assessor’s effective communication

Administrative officer will contact you within 24 hours


  • Feedback on eligibility for RPL, and Gap Training if needed

  • Request supporting documents, references and evidence information

  • Letter of Offer with RPL Assessment Fees or Gap Training fees

Administrative Assessor will guide the roadmap within 72 hours


  • Assess the previous documents and information

  • Discuss study plan and progress

  • RPL assessment feedback resolution with payment receipt

RBIT- RPL Assessor will monitor your study progress


  • Send the Student Handbook, Study Log and Text books

  • Coach the flexible learning - Gap study progress

  • Complete gap training – turn the skills into a qualification

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