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Changing Destiny

Do you want to know about destiny, how to differentiate good from bad, how to correct your faults, and how to practice good deeds to cultivate both virtue and humility?

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Guidelines for being a good Person

This book is a translation of a book of maxims that was written by ancient Chinese sages. Memorised by children when they were young, the
book provided guidelines that would enable them to learn how to become a good child and student and, later, a good adult, parent, friend, and citizen.

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How Will I behave Today

It is, and always will be, important that we respect and learn from our parents and that we not do anything to hurt or embarrass them.  It matters that we meet our  responsibilities at home and at school, and later at work. And this will never change. It is good for us to interact well with others, to live within our 
means, and to take care of our possessions. And it always will be good to do so. 

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how to live without fear and worry

"Men are born, they suffer, they die. That, according to Anatole France is how a  wise man once summed up the human condition. On the other hand, some free thinkers say: 'Man is a little machine, made possible by an accidental arrangement of atoms and a naturalistic evolutionary process. Suffering is man's inescapable lot in his struggle for survival. It has no 'meaning other than that, no purpose. Death is a dissolution of  chemical elements;
nothing else remains'.

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