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The Mentor of RBIT – Venerable Master Chin Kung AM

Venerable Master Chin Kung, AM(b. 1927) is the founder and President of the Pure Land Learning College Association, Inc. (PLLCA); President of HongKong Buddhist Education Foundation; Permanent Honorary President of Association of Master Chin Kung’s Friends at UNESCO; and the Director of the Academy of Sinology in University of Wales Trinity Saint David. 

He was awarded the honorary doctorate and professorships by Griffith University, Australia; University of Southern Queensland, Australia; the Syriaf Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Indonesia; the University of Wales and University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK. 

Master Chin Kung was appointed to the Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the General Division by Queen Elizabeth II. He was 

Profile of Venerable Master Chin Kung AM


also awarded Honorary Citizenship of both the city of Dallas and the state of Texas. In 2002, the Mayor of Toowoomba Australia made him an Honorary Citizen. 


Master Chin Kung has dedicated his whole life to lecturing on the Buddha Dharma and Sutras for 60 years. He was invited by many important world organizations (included the UNESCO), and participated in interfaith forums and summits in many countries speaking on the importance of education.

Educational Philosophy


Master Chin Kung devoted his times to advocate rejuvenate the traditional Chinese culture in the world. The traditional Chinese culture is the education of love, as the principle of Confucius is benevolent, and the principle of Mencius is righteousness. Furthermore, it teaches us Filial piety, fraternal love, loyalty trustworthiness, humanity, love, harmony and equality. Another way to put it would be if everyone can learn filial piety, fraternal love, loyalty, trustworthiness, we would treat others with humanity, love, harmony and equality as well as in regard to things. This would help resolve conflicts and restore stability and harmony in the world.


The revival of traditional culture should take root from childhood, which refers to creating a solid foundation of virtue. Thus, Master Chin Kung’s vow of moral education concept inherited from the ancient China private school teaching –– started educating the child as soon as they began to walk and talk, till the university graduated. Establish the root of the teaching of Chinese ancestors: love and care for their parents and to respect their teachers. In the primary level of education, we teach one to be a virtuous person. After six years of study, one will be like Confucius to be gentle, kind, respectful, thrifty and patient.  In the secondary level of education, the students will learn how to handle matters. Students will have the conditions to be a good person and handle matters well from six years of study. In tertiary education, the students will study how to govern a county and bring peace to the world.

Educational Philosophy

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