Sherwin Lauron


Australia is a fascinating multi-cultural country filled with exciting avenues for personal and professional growth. Furthermore, Australia’s educational system is one of world’s best.


Studying Hospitality in RBIT is one of the best decisions in my life for the benefit of harnessing my full potential. Not only that their educational system is excellent; the atmosphere of care for their students as like their own family combined with the core mentality of uplifting the student’s confidence and capabilities so that we can evolve into our better versions are spot on perfect combination.


It is a rare treat to find such learning organisaton as RBIT where students get to learn the balance of being a great achiever and staying humane and ethical to your colleagues and other persons surrounding you. Not only that I learned how to achieve great things, I also learned to hold the hands of others as I am lifting myself up to the pedestal of success. I learned the importance of “We” in success more than the significance of “I”.


I graduated Certificate III in Hospitality and currently studying Diploma in Hospitality and Business Management. Every time that I thought I learned a lot of things already, RBIT and its well-versed lecturers always bring something new and exciting to the table – feeding my hunger for continuous professional growth. One day, I am certain that the knowledge and skill sets that I acquired from RBIT will be of great benefit for myself and for the company (or my own company) that I will be working with.

Ling-Chun ZHANG (Nick)

17 Jul 2015

Before being selected as an APCS ambassador, I was not a outgoing person who was good at socialising with people, but I knew that this was a good opportunity to improve  my weaknesses before starting my future career. I learnt a lot about business etiquette from the training sessions with RBIT and  actioned what I had learnt by introducing the beauty of Brisbane to the delegates and young professions from different nations during the event. The very interesting point is that I was actually only engaged to direct the delegates to various locations, but by the end of the day we had built up a repore. We started chatting ending with the delegates offering me their business cards. Our discussions involved me sharing my studying and living experience whilst studying at QUT and UQ. Many of them were impressed and amazed by the many advantages that Brisbane offers. For example, the good quality of education and health care. I could see that many people were quite interested in what Brisbane could offer and showed an interest in investing and also intend to have a develop a closer link to this diverse cultural city.

Ivonne Gonzalez


Hi, my name is Ivonne Gonzalez and I am from Colombia. I came to Australia in 2008 to improve my language skills and enjoy a multicultural experience. After one year of studying English, I decided that I wanted to do something that I could apply to my career and that would give me the skills to achieve my goals as professional.

Doing research, I found the Vocational Graduate Diploma of Business Administration (Project Management) at RBIT.  This program not only offers the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge on the business development and management field, but is also the starting point of a Masters degree due to the agreements RBIT has with other universities.

During the year I studied at RBIT, I was able to expand my knowledge in the Project Management area and compliment the experience I had from my previous Civil Engineering work. I very much enjoyed the practical methodology, the projects, and the class activities used by the teachers.

 I am currently working as Project Engineer for one of the leading contractors in the Telecommunications Industry. I think the VGD of Project Management has given me the skills for entering the Australian workforce and to perform successfully within an organisation. This course was definitely one of the most important tools within my professional development.

Kunj Shah


G'day! My name is Kunj Shah. I was a Diploma of Business student at RBIT.I also completed my Bachelor of Business Administration at University of Canberra South Bank Campus.

The campus was positioned in a perfect location, with beautiful surrounding and two minutes walk from South Bank Beach. Also, the various activities that RBIT coordinates such as parties, going to the movies and barbeques allow students from a wide range of countries to learn about other cultures.

My business studies at RBIT have always been great. My business assignments and courses were well designed.

Apart from that, the helpful, friendly staff and teachers and the method of teaching make it a pleasure to study here.

Sissi Mengxi Hsuan


My name is Sissi Hsuan, I am 25 years old and I am a domestic student who just completed the Graduate Diploma of Business Administration course at RBIT.


I was working in a small real estate company as a Administrative Manager for three years. I thought it would be better to have a deeper insight by studying Business Administration. Therefore, I chose RBIT to study my Graduate Diploma of Business Administration, because RBIT is a famous College, and the first Technical College which offered the Graduate Diploma Degree I wanted in Brisbane. I believe this degree will be a very good reference and opportunity for my future career.


I completed my graduate diploma after about one year in RBIT. The course was very helpful and developed my skills and knowledge to help me create better business reports. I am planning to return to University again to further my studies with a Master degree. The course I took at RBIT is a pathway to study my Masters degree and obtain some credit exceptions. While I was studying in RBIT I found the course fit my professional needs and it was what I expected.


RBIT is a great college to study if you are unsure about what to do with your future. 

Javier Oliver


I'm studying the Upper-Intermediate Intensive General English course at RBIT.

I really enjoy it. The teachers are friendly and the classes are small.
It's easy to make lots of good friends.

In Spain, I'm involved in wine making and I am thinking of doing more study in that field after my English course at RBIT.

Dinnah Marie Elizalde


While there may be some good hospitality institutions in the Philippines, it is always a better option to explore and to be exposed to the socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions of a foreign country like Australia to widen one’s ability and skills, especially when given an opportunity.

Choosing to study Diploma of Hospitality in Australia is indeed a great opportunity for me to be equipped with a higher level of academic experience which Australian education is known for: Producing well-trained and well acclaimed hoteliers, as well as the global recognition of Australian qualifications.


The main reason why I chose RBIT is because they conduct classroom-based teaching as well as online training and assessment which caters to a more practical based training environment that covers all scope of Hospitality education, particularly on an International level.


Studying at RBIT helps develop one’s career goals as well as one’s personal growth. Also having once a week classes helps students to balance our life well, in studies, work and personal life.


RBIT makes us feel like welcome in keeping up with the everyday challenges of overseas student like us. The service they offer is exceptional in assisting international students transition into the Australian way of life.


I plan to apply for further studies in Advanced Diploma in Hospitality to aid my hospitality career; be it here in Australia or in my home country.


I have applied for Reservations Agent and Front Desk Reception jobs at hotels here in Brisbane. My expertise in hospitality work experiences are in Sales and Marketing and the Front Office Department. It is related to the course I studied at RBIT.

Alejandro Casas


My name is Alejandro Casas and I'm from Colombia.


I studied in the Elementary class here at the beautiful campus of RBIT.

My English was very poor when I first came to RBIT, but with help from my teachers and staff, I improved a lot.


I want to come back for more study in the Diploma of Business, it is a great stepping-stone for future sutdy in undergraduate university courses.

Mayerlyn Garcia


I completed a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Industrial relations in my home country. Then I decided to study English overseas. Australia was my first choice because it is a beautiful, multicultural country. Australia also offers a high quality of education and provides many opportunities to obtain world-recognized work experience.


After I finished my English studies my education agent recommended that I study the Graduate Diploma of Business Administration in Project Management at RBIT. This post graduate level degree will give me the opportunity to add value to my resume. The units of competency were delivered with high quality of training and assessment.


While I was studying I applied for the RBIT Industrial Training program, which ran for three months , helping me to gain experience in the administrative and marketing area.


After I completed the program and finished my course with good grades, RBIT offered me a casual job as an Administrative Assistant and now I have been working for one year at RBIT.


My future plan is to continue growing professionally to spread my experience around the working world. I also have many exciting ideas for my own businesses. 

Jonas Breuer


My name is Jonas Breuer and I am from Germany.

I studied at RBIT and the teachers were really nice and interesting. I learnt a lot and enjoyed studying there and I will come back to study at RBIT again.

Nil Kaynak


I came to Brisbane to improve my English 3 months ago. I studied 12 weeks in the Advanced class at RBIT's South Bank campus, which was very close to the city.


The most important thing is that RBIT has small classes.

At my first meeting everything was so difficult, because understanding English was difficult. Then I improved my English step by step. Teachers were helpful and friendly to teach English and all RBIT staff were interested in our problems.


It is easy to make friends in RBIT. I learned a lot about other cultures. Surely I will keep in touch with most of them in the future. I am glad that I came to RBIT to study English. It is an enjoyable place to study.

Julio Pastore


My name is Julio Pastore, and  I was studied in the Upper-intermediate Intensive General English course at RBIT.

I am a landscape designer and it has been wonderful to study in a place surrounded by such beautiful Brisbane city.

I enjoy the classes because the teachers were nice people and the classes were fun and interesting and it was easy to make friends.

Nadja Steckel


Hi I'm Nadja Steckel from Germany. I am studying Diploma of Business here at RBIT. I'm really enjoying my course. The campus is really beautiful and the weather is great in Brisbane.

When I first came to Brisbane I didn't know what to expect, but the staff at RBIT were so helpful. They made me feel like I was with family.
I will use the skills I learn here to start my own business back in Germany. I'm really looking forward to that.

Narongsak Patsrianotai


Hello! Everybody. My name is Ton Narongsak, 26 years old from Thailand. I’ve been studying in ‘Graduate Diploma of Business administration (elective: Logistic management)’ for a year. Before that time I completed a Bachelor Degree of ‘Technology in Aviation’ and used to work in the field of airport and logistics in my home country. Some people may wonder why many young generations from around the world choose this country, Australia, to be their second home for education abroad and life experience explored. For me personally, the main reason is how superior and wonderful the country is. After I finished my syllabus for improving English basic adjustments, I decided to find the way to learn more about specific subject to accumulate my knowledge then I received a recommendation from my education agency about RBIT. This school has an interesting subject which builds on what I learned from my university in Thailand and I thought my skill would be improved and more useful after I graduated, especially this course will be a pathway to study a Masters degree and obtain some credit exceptions depend on student options. RBIT has many standard facilities and student support which suffice for all the students, including a clean environment and friendly atmosphere. I always relax and never ever feel awkward when I’d have any question and go to the reception area to be answered by all the friendly RBIT staff members. All the time I have been studying with the other international students and have taught by the experienced instructors, everyone helps and supports reciprocally that make me able to succeed in study here, so thankfully and really appreciated. After I finish the RBIT course, I will definitely go back to start my career work in my home country, while continuing to grow professionally to spread my experience around the working world, and I hopefully will be successful in my life thanks to RBIT. I aim to apply for a job in specific area of business which is relevant to some airline businesses and logistic organizations. I’ve got many great experiences and memories from spending my life in Australia and whole year in RBIT, if you still are unsure or still planning about how your study abroad would be, I can guarantee that you’ll gain what you’d like to have from RBIT and could achieve your education in Australia. Goodbye! Best wishes in your new study abroad.

Irene Chiang


Hellow, My name is Irene Chiang. I was studying Diploma of Information Technology at Royal Brisbane Institute of Technology.

I really enjoy studying information Technology at RBIT because we have a small class and I am able to interact with my lecturer, Jonathan, face to cafe.

This has helped me a lot with my studies and I feel that I can achieve my goals.

My lesson plans were well explained to me at the beginning of the course and as a result I achieved 90% on my assignments.

I would recommend anyone to study IT at RBIT because of the lectures, friendly staff and positive students.

Simon Xu


Hi, I am Peng Xu (Simon) from China. I came to Brisbane to study the Diploma of Business at RBIT. The course was really helpful and the lecturers helped me to grasp different business concepts.

It was a great stepping-stone for further study in under-graduate courses. After the Diploma of Business, we have the skills to do well at university.

Karman Leung

Hong Kong

My name is Karman Leung and I am from Hong Kong.

I was a Diploma of Business student. I enjoy studying at RBIT because of the teachers, students and staffs.

The thing I like most about the course is that it is simple, it is well explained and I can articulate to second year at the University of Canberra Brisbane Campus.

Also RBIT has organised many interesting activities like movie nights, ice skating, bowling... etc. This has helped me improve my personal relationships with my schoolmates.

Alvin Ng


Hi my name is Alvin Ng and I am from Singapore.

I was studying Diploma of Business at RBIT. I enjoyed my studies there because of the professionalism of the teachers and staff. I had made a lot of new friends.

My aim when I began my Diploma of Business was to enter a university course afterwards. RBIT's Diploma Course really prepared me for my study at university. It gave me the skills to succeed.

RBIT really helped me into my university degreee. They made the journey a lot easier for me.

Unchalee Surasaksrisakul


My name is Unchalee Surasaksrisadul. I came from Thailand. I was studied at RBIT. I really enhoy studying here because I had know a lot of friends from other countries and the teachers were very kind and friendly. They had helped me improve my English quickly.

Jin Long Bao


Hi I was an IAP student at Royal Brisbane Institute of Technology.

The course has helped me with post graduate study skills and methodologies. The lecturers were always willing to help me if I have some questions or queries.

This course gave me the confidence in my ability to do post graduate study at UC. I was graduated my Master of International Busness at UCBC.

Minako Kobayashi


Hello, My name is Minako Kobayashi. I was from Japan. When I came to RBIT for the first time, I was nervous. But, everyone is RBIT was very friendly. So I felt easy. It was very difficult at first to understand English!

The college staff explain everything to me in a polite an kind way. RBIT is positioned in a  beautiful Brisbane city, near the Brisbane post office. It is comfortable for everyone.

I was enjoyed my time at RBIT with my good friends and the nice staff.

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