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What is RPL / How it works / How to Apply

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?


  • Recognition of Prior Learning is the process that is used to recognise the skills and knowledge you have acquired through life and work experience (paid or unpaid) and match them to part of, or to a complete qualification.

  • Rather than have to start a qualification from scratch, you would be required to provide various forms of evidence to prove you are competent in the units within the qualification.


Being competent means that:

  • you can perform a task/job/activity to an industry standard

  • you can do it in a consistent way, over time

  • you have sufficient knowledge to enable you to perform it in a range of situations


What are the benefits of Recognition of Prior Learning?

  • your skills are formally acknowledged with a nationally recognised qualification

  • you don’t have to waste time studying something you can already do

  • you may have increased career opportunities due to holding a qualification

  • you may complete your qualification more quickly


What will it cost?

  • The cost will vary depending on the qualification and the amount of RPL you undertake.

  • You may be required to undertake 'gap training' to gain any knowledge or skills you do not have, in order to complete the qualification. This is an additional cost to the RPL process.

  • Each registered training organisation (RTO) will charge differently, so please shop around for a price best suited to your budget.

  • RPL can reduce the cost of your qualification.

  • Government contributions may be available in particular circumstances. Check with the RTO for details.

  • RPL will never cost you more than the training it replaces and can cost you a lot less. It will certainly take up less of your time.


How much time will the RPL process take?

The self-evaluation exercise on this site should only take you about 10-15 minutes to complete.  However, RPL with an RTO  does take time, but much less time than completing a full course from start to finish with no prior experience. To have skills formally recognised in the national system, assessors must make sure you have the skills and knowledge to meet the industry standard. The assessor at the RTO will work with you through the RPL process. This means you must be involved in a careful and comprehensive process that covers the content of all unit/s or qualification/s you can be recognised for.

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