Relocation Notice

Please be advised that RBIT has relocated to our new Westbrook Campus at:

48 Althaus Rd



Should you wish to contact us please call on +61 7 4549 3702 or by email at

Monthly Quotes

Filial Piety and Kinship

'Long and large grows the e; it is not the e but the hao. I am saddened by the loss of my parents, who gave me birth and brought me up at great personal cost. Fatherless, who is there to rely on? Motherless, who is there to depend on? When I go abroad, I carry my grief with me. When I came home, I have no one to go to. Oh my father, who begat me! Oh my mother, who nurtured me! You raised me, you loved me; you brought me up, and you taught me. You cared for me and you worried for me; everywhere you went you held me in your arms. If I would return your kindness, it is like great heaven, illimitable. 

--- 'Scroll 3: Mao Shi', The Governing Principles of Ancient China

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More than 12,000 students from approximately 60 countries have graduated from RBIT. 

International Student Course Package

2021 Intakes: April and September 

A combination of Cert. III in Business and Cert. IV in Hospitality enables you to have a broad range of knowledge and skills.




General English

Intakes: Mar, Jun, Sep, and Dec

Classes are available at five levels graded from Elementary to Advanced levels with each cycle lasting 10



21-Sherwin Lauron.webp

Sherwin Lauron


It is a rare treat to find such learning organisation as RBIT where students get to learn the balance of being a great achiever and staying humane and ethical to your colleagues and other persons surrounding you.


17-Sissi Mengxi Hsuan.webp

Sissi Mengxi Hsuan


The course I took at RBIT is a pathway to study my Master's degree and obtain some credit exceptions. While I was studying in RBIT I found the course fit my professional needs and it was what I expected.

14-Alejandro Casas.webp

Alejandro Casas


I studied in the Elementary class here at the beautiful campus of RBIT. My English was very poor when I first came to RBIT, but with help from my teachers and staff, I improved a lot.

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